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How to get a newer Download/Archive

I did a download like a year ago, but i noticed that not all of the pics were there (all of the messages were). I sent an email to support about 2 weeks ago, no reply. I just paid $4.99 to get the full version so i would have access to all the pics. I also made a twitter account and tweeted the Avocado people in hopes for a response. 

Anyone else know how to get the system to run a new archive of your data?


I've just asked a similar question, Already had full access due to grandfather rights. Strangely, I couldn't log in to the forum with my usual email and password?


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I had to 'reset' my password to log into support as well. i see theres an option to "delete the archive" but i'm not sure if that will delete the whole data or just give the option to start a new archive. 
No luck on the twitter reply yet either. 

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