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Why I stopped using Avocado

I used to use Avocado a lot with my partner - we really did. I even sent an email through ages ago with a bunch of suggestions to improve Avocado. None of these seem to be implemented.

Now we use all the google services. They make a load of sense and share easily.

So, improvements I'd recommend;

Location tracking - so you can follow one another. Similar to the App Glympse. I find this so handy when I'm coming home from work and she needs to know where I am.

Expense tracking - partners can track their expenses IN APP so it's a little like a shared wallet.

Easy sharing - posting to Facebook or G+ should totally be easy

Calorie or exercise tracking - Set up some competition between partners. Put my Runkeeper account up against her Google Fit account - who moved further? Who wins? Challenge one another.

Come to that, link into games and so-on. where I might have 100 points in a game and she 110... I'm GOING to play that game.

Games; compare our best pokemon from Pokemon Go. Surely that's easy to do.

Put 'Channels' in the app. We have three kids, so a channel per child for important stuff relevant to that kid might be handy.
"XYZ is now playing Blur - Song 2" - some sort of link in that regards where both partners can see what the other is listening to.

Google Now knows where I parked my car and can remind me. Can you get it to remind her too?

Shared Google location history; track the locations of both parties to see how often we cross paths.

A bunch of ideas.,.. and from this I'm sure you can source a bunch of others.

We stopped using Avocado because other options came up that were better, more inclusive. Stuff like this might bring Avocado up to speed.

Take Care. :D


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what are you using now?

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Not the original poster but, I made a switch to between yesterday. My subscription is expiring on September 10th and with the app basically being abandoned, all of the recent issues, and support being nonexistent, I do not plan on renewing.   

OP here.

We're using the google services now. Hangouts and Keep do most of what we liked Avocado for initially - I think that Avocado was great, but it didn't innovate and needs to do that to remain relevant for couples.

Also, Glympse is a great app for couples. Where are you? Here. Here i am :D

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