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Anyone having issues syncing across desktop and mobile?

I sent in a ticket, but who knows when that'll be answered.

Husband and I are having the following issue.

Desktop: Can't see new messages sent unless periodically refresh

Mobile (android): can't see new messages, don't get alerts most of the time, don't know something is sent until open app

Mobile (ios): same issue as android, strangely enough it seems to be working more frequently on ios this past week with no change on the android or desktop side.


3 people have this problem

Same here. Need to push refresh every time on adroid, ios and pc.

same issue. I hope they fix this soon. 

yeah, everything is out of sync. luckily I am with my love right now, so we don't message that much.

But too bad that avocado has hiccups every now and then...

Not refreshing here either.  We actually use Avocado for work communication.  If it doesn't refresh no one knows if a message has come through.  What are you doing about this administrator?
My phone notification is working though.


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