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Not getting notifications

This is happening again. Awhile back didn't get notifications months later it started working now again not getting them even hubby to this time around can someone help I love this app but seems not dependable Thank You

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Same here. I'm over these bugs and not getting any feedback from the app creators

Same here. Sent a ticket for that 14 days ago, no reply. That's it, after 4 years I'm now uninstalling Avocado.

Same here! The wifey & I just realized we haven't received any notifications on up coming events. If this isn't fixed anytime soon we may have to look into an alternative . We would hate to leave this app being that we're used it for years.

when will the notification issue be resolved? Thank You.

Again no notifications can't rely on app nor support. Sad I did like the app and relied on it with hubby

Wife and I have been having this issue also. I opened a support ticket about two weeks ago and haven't heard anything. We had been using this app since it was in Beta, but I don't know if it is being supported anymore. Looks like we may be switching to something else. 

Do any of you guys have any other app you can recommend to replace Avocado?

Yep - for some period of time - many hours - no notifications. Then boom they arrive. This happens about every other day or so recently. Happens in the middle of an ongoing conversation sometimes. Cannot rely on Avocado for anything urgent/important!
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