Yes! Avocado users are able to download all of their history including messages, photos, videos, calendar events, and lists as a mini-website that works offline in any browser. 

For existing users, you can access this feature on the web by going to the settings tab at and clicking on the link which says "Start exporting our stuff". Then you'll receive an email with a link to your downloadable archive. The email may be quick to send, but will take longer the more stuff you have. You can always check that page again to see if the export is still running.

To use your archive, just open the file named open_me.html. Voilà! Features of your archive include:

  • It works offline in any browser.
  • You can search your messages.
  • You can browse your history by month.

You can learn more about Avocado's archive and exporting feature in our post about it.

It's easy to use and it’s free for all Avocado couples. We want you to have access to your data whenever you like. Happy downloading!