For 99% of you: Not at all.

Our basic version of Avocado includes unlimited messaging, photos (up to 200) and lists (up to 5) but a subscription removes those limits and add a few more fun things (adding calendar support, images from a web search, prioritized support, and more). We know that for most couples this is a pretty good deal and they're satisfied with this.

However, for those who really want to use more of Avocado, we offer a pretty cheap subscription which permanently unlocks all of the features and limits. We need to do this in order to stay in business. (And we don't want to sell your information or show you ads in a very personal space.)

You can find out everything you need to know about our basic service as compared to our advanced service at But here's answers to some common questions:

(Hey, so what's the cost for a more advanced version?)

Our current price for the subscription is just under $2 bucks a month! That's kind of a deal, we think, for messaging, lists, photos, calendars, hugs, kisses, a web app, an iOS app, an Android app, an Apple Watch app, and more. :)

(Ok, that's pretty reasonable. But does one subscription cover both of us?)

Yup! It does.

(Can I cancel my subscription?)

It renews either monthly or yearly. Just don't pay us the next cycle! We'll be sad, but we won't chase you down. It's all your choice.