Here's what to do if you've downloaded Avocado and created accounts and verified your emails and you can't see messages or content from your boo. This is a "missed connection" which basically is the result of each of you inviting the other one, and creating two separate, but identical couples. 

So, steps to try to fix this: 

  • Have one person in the couple respond to the email invite. (search for subject line "You've been invited to Avocado!") 
  • OR have only one person click the link in the invite email and login
  • OR if neither of you received your invite, one person should log into a web browser at, visit the settings page and use the "change partner" button to re-invite the correct email address. This will generate a new email invite to the address entered, allowing the other partner to follow the invite link. Be sure to log out of your mobile app and then back in with the newest credentials. 

If none of that works, please let us know and we will do more investigating.