Ok, it looks like this is fixed! Whew.

There's not enough apologies in the world for me to give to you for a day and a half outage. On behalf of Avocado, I'm very sorry about that. Additionally, a much better process is in place now to prevent this again.

The original post, for reference:

Hi, everyone. Sadly, there's an outage! It's a big one. 

If you're having message errors or getting a "Your connection is not private" error in a browser that's definitely us. We have a problem with our SSL certificate.

Basically, the certificate the used to prove ownership of our securely encrypted communication has expired. But don't worry, we've renewed it! That's completed. 

However, the problem is that certificate that gets generated is still processing. We're monitoring that carefully right now.

No need to look farther for blame, however: it's my fault specifically for not migrating an email process that would have alerted us to this ahead of time. That's definitely no excuse. Things will be very seriously impeded on Avocado until this is resolved. But I'm in communication with our SSL provider and will immediately upload the completed certificate once it's available. It's possible it could take 2 days still, though I'm hoping to get this expedited.

Thanks again for your understanding and being a couple on Avocado. It's been a rough year. Sorry for the various troubles. I'll keep everyone updated here throughout for as long as it takes to fix it.